15K students on our mailing list, upteen million on our guest list

Maybe I should mention in my query letters (emails) that we have about 500 students who come a years to our art schools and about the same amount who come to the inn as guests. Not to mention the chocolate customers. Now, when I write my cookbook, I’ll mention that plus our 15,000 student mailing list and our bigger inn guest mail list. If I self publish, I’ll definitely use those markets AND the Facebook pages and twitter accounts. I have 15K followers on one of my twitter accounts alone. Not to shabby. But I don’t feel right about mention that I can also do some marketing. Self publishing, sure, but when contacting an agent or publisher? What do you think? After Book #4, I think I’ll switch to the Quilting Sleuth Stories.

The idea of doing the cookbook is taking hold. I really like my idea for it. This winter, I’ll start putting together a proposal package. Not only have all the students and inn guests been bugging me for a cookbook but also this could be a great way to get my name out there. After all, I’m better known for my none fiction than my fiction.

Book #4, 24K words so far. I am targeting about 90K, if the story lets me.

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