Book 4 in The Omniverse Series

I have started book #4 in The Omniverse Series. In this book, Carey and Bill return to Greenwich, finally. I don’t want to reveal any more about the book just yet. I have only written ten thousand words, but let me tell you, it’s a corker. I am having a great time writing it and you will have a fabulous time, an absolutely fabulous time reading it. We finally get to meet Bill’s other daughter, you know the one, the one he had with Titania, Queen of the Fae and now Queen of the Dragons. Bill finds out her name. Maybe Erin, Bill and Carey’s daughter will also make an appearance. A new Belle comes on the scene. Some old friends show up as well as some new ones. The Headless Postman, Gussie and other old friends.

The main focus of this book is the wacky Human inn guests. The Humans all thinks the swimming pool is the fountain, or rather, the pool of eternal youth. Boy are they in for a surprise! It’s a wonderful tale. I can’t wait to writer more. I’m having a blast. This one will not require a lot of research, as the historical novels did, but it is requiring some. I had to research 1900s bathing suits for women, for example. Though this is not a historical fantasy, it does have some historical elements.

This is turning into a bigger novel than I had anticipated. First draft is done but I have pages of notes. In the meantime, while I am letting my novel relax, I’m rewriting The Timely Death of MarĂ­a del Pilar. It’s been a fun but difficult writing assignment, a window into my past as both a writer and a person.

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