Choc-Lit asked for the manuscript for The Inn of the Star Crossed!

I am very excited. At least I know that I can write a query. So far, I have The Inn of the Crossroads out to Libby Sternberg from Istoria Books and now Liz and the Submissions Team at Choc-Lit requested The Inn of the Star Crossed. We’ll see if I have what it takes to write a romantic and chic lit novel. I know Colette, my editor, liked it and she loves romances. It’s not a typical bodice ripper but rather is a fantasy historical novel taking place in Civil War Manhattan and it does have romance. It’s told from the point of view of both the hero and the heroine. I just hope they like it. I certainly enjoyed both the writing and researching of this book. Please see my Facebook page for The Inn of the Star Crossed for some of my research notes and blathering. I am getting closer.

The Inn of the Star Crossed is a fantasy adventure but it is also has murder mystery elements, a man is shot with a Minié ball, after all, and romance elements, Carey has to seduce William Vanderbilt, who is a drunk, a womanizer and a gambler. Bill is upset at Carey for seducing William. William eventual spurns Carey only to come back and try to open a new relationship with her. Erin, Bill and Carey’s child, is raised by Bill alone when Carey goes on a tear with William. In the soon to be famous bathtub scene, Bill practically rapes Máire O’Reilly, the cook and love interest of Timothy, an Elf turned Human. This does sound more like a soap opera rather than a simple fantasy adventure, murder mystery or romance. It’s more complicated than this simple description.

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