My reading selection

I’m reading The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Luncheon of the Boating Party, and Vanity Fair. Since Kim and I own and run the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops and Fiber Art Workshops (for Art Quilting and Dying etc,) I have a hard time with Luncheon. I get overly excited. Especially when I read how the paint suppliers took painting from C├ęzanne for payment. Heady stuff. The dialog is very good. (I wonder if our collection will one day be amazing if it isn’t already. But the unctiousness of the writing and the excitement it generates in me, pops me out of the world Susan Vreeland is creating.) Vanity Fair is also amazing if a bit heavy reading. I used it for atmosphere while I was writing The Inn of the Star Crossed. The Lust Lizard is a fun romp and has wonderful plot structure.

I would like to get back to ready Science Fiction and Fantasy but I am having a hard time getting into all this vampire stuff that has taken over fantasy. I was fun ten years ago but I think we’ve gone to that well once to often. Ditto werewolves, tigers, lions and bears. Young Frankenstein put the cap on that trend.

I did read Mercury Falls. Wonderful and fresh. Silly even but what I would call pure story. I also read Night of the Living Trekkies. Not bad. And of course I’m still reading PG Wodehouse, The Works. I had been reading R. Austin Freeman when I was writing The Inn at Market Snodsbury. Strange stuff.

Now the BIG QUESTION: What are you reading?

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