My stories are character driven

Sure, they’re fantasy because in the real world, there are no Álfar, no matter what Snorri Sturluson says, and there are no Dragons, or Dwarves, at least not the Germanic mythical kind, and no Pixies, just like The Inn at the Crossroads introduction says, right?

The stories, however, are about people even if the people are highly adaptable Pixies who can change their bodies and look like anyone, right? Or ambitious Faerie Queens who become The Last Dragon Queen. They’re all still people, right? Or a crazy Human waiter who thinks he is from outer space, right? Right! Because every thinking being has his or her own desires, wants, needs and problems. It’s just a matter of finding out what they are and writing about them.

I’ve decided to post at the bottom of every one of my blog posts just how far along I am on a book. So, book #4 of the Omniverse series at 20K words. Not bad at all.

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