New, Revised Query Letter for The Inn at the Crossroads

The Inn at The Crossroads is a humorous, 100,000-word Fantasy Adventure.

Forty-year old Silicon Valley veterans Carey and Bill Impollonia chuck their high pressure careers, sell their houses and buy the Greenwich Manor, an upstate New York inn, from its mysterious owner Timothy. As soon as Bill and Carey sign on the dotted line, Timothy and his attorney, Balthazar, disappear to be replaced by Light and Dark Elves from Álfheim. Just when things could not get any stranger, Belle, their shape shifting Pixie secretary, reports for work and demons attempt to destroy their office and inn. Bill and Carey have to find the source of the deadly menace and fix it or lose the inn and their lives or worse, their souls. Delayed maintenance is always a killer.

With the help of Belle and her sisters, Timothy and the Kobold King, Carey and Bill trace their troubles back to the political maneuverings of Oberon, Belle’s father and Faerie liege lord. Oberon, in a desperate attempt to solve Faerie’s fertility problems, steals the last viable Dragon Queen Egg, throwing the universe into disarray and danger. It is up to Carey and Bill to rescue the Dragon Egg, save the universe and restore peace and balance to The Inn at the Crossroads.

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