The Inn at Market Snodsbury, Chapter 5 (Reggie), some notes before you read

I have put a new excerpt on Excerpts. It’s Chapter 5 of The Inn at Market Snodsbury, click here! I love chapter 5 not only because it is told from Reggie’s point of view, this book overlaps chapters from different character’s points of view, adding layers of complexity and story to the narrative, but because it has some of my favorite scenes. The excerpt is second draft, no editing.

A brief synopsis of The Inn at Market Snodsbury: “Bill and Carey go on vacation to Highclere Castle, so Carey can visit her old stomping grounds and friends in England. Something goes horribly wrong and they land in the roaring twenties in the middle of Code of the Hasenpfeffers, an alien invasion, and zombies. As if this weren’t bad enough, Carey cheats on Bill. Bill and Carey must contain the zombies and find out who or what is responsible for ruining their English Hampshire holiday and repair their marriage. A tall order in any universe.”

Remember, this is the innkeepers or ex-innkeepers journals. I do not think I have given anything away by posting Chapter 5 (Reggie). (No spoilers. Fingers crossed.) I just wanted to share my three favorite scenes: the scene with Gussie and Reggie, the scene where Reggie asks Robinson, his valet, for help, and the bubble bath scene with Maddy, who is played by one of the Dolly Sisters. (Actually, she is played by both Dolly Sisters, one blonde, the other brunette.) The chapter before this, Robinson has threatened to tear Gussies Tommy Knackers off if he does not find the notebook. Now, no more hints. Enjoy Chapter 5 (Reggie) for what it is and expect some edited chapters, the introductions and chapter 1, to follow in a few weeks or months.

Status update: The Kitchen of Eternal Youth, I’m at 31,584 words. How’s that for detail?

Status reupdate: The Kitchen of Eternal Youth, I’m closing on 35K. I haven’t had much time to write today because I had to do some sheet metal work, creating an extension for an air conditioner. It worked like a charm. The air conditioner is no longer dripping on the brick word at the inn. I’ll take the pups out to the pool later so they can play Pool and Ball and have fun. Now, time to get back to writing. The students are at Campbell Farm.

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