The Inn of the Star Crossed, Chapter 2, some notes before you read

I got some interesting, and in the end, great feedback from an agent. He said, “Keep editing.” That was it. I agree.

I’ve reread the first Chapter of The Inn of the Star Crossed and though, I think, all of my work could use more editing, I’ve decided to post Chapter 2. I think my writing gets better, not only each novel I write, but each chapter in each novel.

I’m going to take Stephen Kings advise and wait awhile before I edit. I’ve been writing like a fiend. I may even take a big break from the Omniverse series when I completely book #4, The Kitchen of Eternal Youth. (See not every title has ‘inn’ in it.) 😉 Onward through the fog and click on the link to take you to Chapter 2 of The Inn of the Star Crossed. But please do read the introduction and Chapter 1 first. Click here for the Introduction and Chapter 1.

So, dust off your frock coat and polish up your etiquette, we’re going to the 19th Century. Click here to read Chapter 2 of The Inn of the Star Crossed.

Kitchen of Eternal Youth
update, I’m at 37K words (now at the end of the day, 39K words. That’s over 4K words today and it is a great story.) and someone is using a sex spell to distract Carey and Bill. Very interesting. Or is it something else? Perhaps a Sex Overlay like the Victorian Overlay in The Inn of the Star Crossed. Or is this something else entirely? We shall see.

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