The Kitchen of Eternal Youth

Going to Manhattan and having a wonderful three days eating all kinds of food and having breakfast lunch and dinner out, when, that is we weren’t full, was fun but I lost the thread of my story. Well, not so much the thread as the momentum. What usually works for me when I’m stalled is to go back to Chapter 1 or the Introduction and start reading the novel again from the beginning adding and changing things, making notes. Then I reread all my notes and start writing. I was writing Chapter 15 when I realized that it should be Chapter 16 and I needed to write a completely different Chapter 15.

Exciting stuff. Plus it is very hard for me to tear myself away from Margalit Fox’s Riddle of the Labyrinth. Exciting stuff. We were both linguistic graduate students together at Stony Brook. But don’t take my word for it, read the New York Times review. (I mean about how good the book is, not whether we went to grad school together.)

Now, back to writing chapter 15 and finishing chapter 16. I am at 45K words on The Kitchen of Eternal Youth and I think this one’s a keeper. Update, 7/4, at 49K words.

I’ve got the momentum and thread of the story back and it has changed a little. I think I’ve lost site of the end of the book but we’ll have to see where this goes.

The Kitchen of Eternal Youth is going well. I am at 52K words and it has taken an unexpected turn for the interesting. Right now, Carey is back on Reggie’s World, the pocket universe that Bill created, and all that that implies. Maddy, or rather Rosie, one of the Dolly Sisters, has given birth to Humperdink, Reggie’s son. This is thrilling. I didn’t get as much done on the book as I had hoped to because I have started editing the book from the beginning, making sure that continuity is firmly in place. Tickety Tonk! And this time I didn’t mean it to sting. 🙂

By the way, that chapter 15 eventually became chapter 19. Now that’s funny.

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