The Updated Query for The Inn of the Star Crossed

The class I took with Sara J. Henry was very helpful. One of the products that came out of the class was this rewritten query, below, which I will be using from now on. With her help, I’ve also tightened up the chapter of The Inn of the Star Crossed. Thanks for all the help Sara.

I am looking for an agent for The Inn of the Star Crossed, a 80,000 word Fantasy Adventure set in Civil War Manhattan.

Bill and Carey’s mystical, magical inn is dissolving around them; a curse has turned them into a proper Victorian lady and gentleman. And all the new furniture, technology and anything they brought with them from California is disappearing.

Thinking to consult with Goldemar, King of the Kobolds, they run to the Sideways Room, the room out of time, with their Pixy secretary Belle to seek refuge and find out how to fix the inn. Once there, the curse is temporarily lifted and they discover a murdered man from the Victorian Era, William S. Vanderbilt, staining the carpet with blood from a wound in his forehead caused by a musket ball. But, with William dead, no one builds the inn. If the inn is not built, the universe softly and silently vanishes.

The Kobolds rescue Bill and Carey and transport them to 1861 Manhattan at the start of the Civil War. Their mission is to save William S. Vanderbilt, notorious womanizer, gambler, drunk from himself and the person trying to kill him, whoever that is.

I’ve planned this series as an eight book series.

I am an ex-Silicon Valley programmer and entrepreneur who now owns a Victorian inn and a chocolate factory.

I have also published short stories and poems in magazines and small publications.

Thank you for your time,

Mark LaPolla

PO Box 659

Greenville, NY 12083

T 1-518-966-5219

F 1-581-966-8754

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