The Witchery Diaries, book five of the Omniverse series

We have just gotten back from a wonderful trip to Gateway Canyon resort where Kim took a quilting class and I rode horses, shot arrows and edited my books. I have started on book 5 of the Omniverse series and it’s a humdinger, provisional title The Witchery Diaries.

Since all the books in the Omniverse series are journal entries from the innkeepers, past, present and future, including Elves, Humans, Dragons and the Hivemind, hair worms that turn people in zombies, it makes sense to get a witch’s perspective.

In this book, Belle, Bill and Carey’s Pixie secretary and confident, has taken a sabbatical to Faerie, her home world. Bill and Carey have temporarily hired Callie, a self proclaimed decedent of a Nipmuc Princess and John Proctor of Salem Witch trial fame. She also claims to be a witch. Bill does not have the heart to tell her that there is no magic in the Human universe, only physics and economics. What harm, he thinks, in letting her believe she is a witch?

However, when the shadow, an age old, cursed God, trapped in a mirror at the inn escapes it’s prison, Callie is imbued with magical powers. The only downside is the shadow needs Human blood to survive. Callie becomes an unwitting vector for dark, demonic calamity.

Thinking to combat this evil, Bill and Carey transform into Builders, Gods of the Omniverse, only to find out that they are beset by the shadow and almost taken over by it. They escape by transforming back into Humans. The shadow escapes back into Callie stalemating the innkeepers.

This is a very exciting book as it not only has a new, Human secretary but also non-Human guests at the inn for the first time. Bill and Carey have their hands full battling the shadow but they also have to calm their Elven guests and keep the lid on the crisis that has enveloped them.

I can’t wait to see how Bill and Carey escape the shadow and save, once again, the known and unknown universe.

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