My novels have been slowing climbing the romance heat ladder

Inn at the Crossroads Cover Art (Spoiler Alert!)

My novels are fantasy adventure novels but not strictly so. However, a very interesting aspect to my novels is that they’ve been climbing the sexual heat ladder as discussed in this post, Heat Levels Defined by Starla Kaye. Using her definitions, let’s take a look at the Omniverse Novels.

The Inn at the Crossroads (See Notes First), I would say, is more of a sweet to, maybe, medium. Most of the sex scenes are closed door. There is very little explicit anything, even violence. Actually, the violence is more explicit than the sex. Bill and Carey are in a very monogamist relationship. There is a little titty flashing done by Belle but it’s mostly in good fun. This novel lies somewhere between sweet and medium.

The Inn of the Star Crossed has even more sensuality and sex in it. There’s the bath scene where Bill has an erection and Máira is naked in the bath tub and Bill is washing the dirt off of her in a very angry manner. They’re both naked but Bill is not in the tub. Then there is the scene where Carey, Bill’s wife, opens his robe and pulls on his erection but only using euphemisms. There is no explicit sex in this book. It’s all behind closed doors. But there are some suggestive language and some steamy scenes between people but no explicit sex. So, this novel is between Medium and Sensual on her scale.

The Inn at Market Snodsbury
has the most explicit sex and the most steamy scenes though, again, much is implied rather than explicitly shown. We have more bathtub scenes and we have some semi-graphic descriptions. The sex is playful and at times steamy. Normally, I’d put this at between Sensual and Very Sensual on the scale we’re using but because there is cheating I may have to extend this novel to Spicy. If you’re looking for pornography, this is not for you. This book is more about finding oneself and exploring relationships than humping and grinding. It’s witty and sophisticated but it has sex in it because that’s the way we are built.

Now, The Kitchen of Eternal Youth resets the heat levels and we are back to flashing tits, really, increasing cup size and cleavage more than seeing anything, and closed door sex. Sex doesn’t come into this book that much. I’d say that this book is going to fall between Sweet and Moderate, maybe not even hit Moderate. There may be a threesome in it between TitaniaBelle and Carey and Bell that could move it all the way to Very Sensual, technically, maybe even Spicy, but it wont be explicit or anything but closed door and suggestive.

News Flash: Even though there is now more sex and romance in this book, I’d still would not say it’s even Spicy. I don’t have very graphic sex scenes and mostly everything is implied. I think “Wild bumblebee sex” is one of the best lines I have in the book. It’s a very interesting book. Sex and politics and genetics are discussed freely. There is very little violence and someone comes back from the dead. It’s more about the nutty Humans and their nutty ideas than anything else. It’s also about Reggie and his relationship to both Carey and Maddy (Rosie). So I’d peg this at Sensual. But you’ll have to be the judge.

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