The World of the Omniverse ranges over a multiverse populated with Elves, Pixies, Faeries, Dragons, Kobolds, Humans and other mythical creatures. At the center of the Omniverse looms the dark, mysterious presence of the Builders, creators of all. But most importantly, it has The Inn at the Crossroads, the mystical hub of the multiuniverse.

This is the series’ blog. Enjoy the posts.

The Timely Murder of María del Pilar

Technically, this post should not be in the Omniverse Series Blog because it is not an Omniverse story. Rather it is a one off. A magical realism romance with a murder mystery embedded in it. Let’s face it, the murder and the mystery is what this book is about and how lives can change in the blink of an eye. I am enjoying The Timely Murder of María del Pilar (Mapi) a little too much. I have left off, for a little bit, The Kitchen of Eternal Youth. I’m reading it to Kim and taking notes. I’ll get back to... Read More

My novels have been slowing climbing the romance heat ladder

(Spoiler Alert!) My novels are fantasy adventure novels but not strictly so. However, a very interesting aspect to my novels is that they’ve been climbing the sexual heat ladder as discussed in this post, Heat Levels Defined by Starla Kaye. Using her definitions, let’s take a look at the Omniverse Novels. The Inn at the Crossroads (See Notes First), I would say, is more of a sweet to, maybe, medium. Most of the sex scenes are closed door. There is very little explicit anything, even violence. Actually, the violence is more explicit than the sex. Bill and Carey are in... Read More

So why am I not writing a cookbook?

I have a descent sized audience already built in. (This is where the 15K subscribers to our newsletter comes in and all those addresses we have for the inn guests. Kim does not want to dilute the message of the newsletters by putting my novels front and center, though she will allow me to advertise on the sidebar. Later, I’ll try to convince her that the stories are about the inn.) Our diners, guests, students, etc. love my cooking. People continuously ask for a cookbook. So what gives? First of all, I just don’t have the time for a massive... Read More

The Kitchen of Eternal Youth

Going to Manhattan and having a wonderful three days eating all kinds of food and having breakfast lunch and dinner out, when, that is we weren’t full, was fun but I lost the thread of my story. Well, not so much the thread as the momentum. What usually works for me when I’m stalled is to go back to Chapter 1 or the Introduction and start reading the novel again from the beginning adding and changing things, making notes. Then I reread all my notes and start writing. I was writing Chapter 15 when I realized that it should be... Read More

My Process and a Snippet from Chapter 8 from The Kitchen of Eternal Youth (working title)

This is a snippet from chapter 8. It’s a rough draft, very first draft, no editing. Raw. Out there. I liked this character and her voice, so I posted it for your enjoyment. I have not finished the first draft but I figured, why not? Click here to read it. I do like the title, The Kitchen of Eternal Youth. In this novel, Bill and Carey finally get back to the inn on Earth in their own time, 2012ish. This book centers on the wacky Humans. It also has as a subplot, the second generation of children, both Bill’s and... Read More

Notes: The introduction to The Kitchen of Eternal Youth (unedited)

I am currently going through the text, starting from the introduction, of The Kitchen of Eternal Youth and I wanted to post the introduction because it is a good summary of all the action up till now. So, click here to read the introduction to The Kitchen of Eternal Youth. Just remember, none of The Kitchen of Eternal Youth has been edited. It’s all first draft.

My reading selection

I’m reading The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Luncheon of the Boating Party, and Vanity Fair. Since Kim and I own and run the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops and Fiber Art Workshops (for Art Quilting and Dying etc,) I have a hard time with Luncheon. I get overly excited. Especially when I read how the paint suppliers took painting from Cézanne for payment. Heady stuff. The dialog is very good. (I wonder if our collection will one day be amazing if it isn’t already. But the unctiousness of the writing and the excitement it generates in me, pops me... Read More

The Inn of the Star Crossed, Chapter 2, some notes before you read

I got some interesting, and in the end, great feedback from an agent. He said, “Keep editing.” That was it. I agree. I’ve reread the first Chapter of The Inn of the Star Crossed and though, I think, all of my work could use more editing, I’ve decided to post Chapter 2. I think my writing gets better, not only each novel I write, but each chapter in each novel. I’m going to take Stephen Kings advise and wait awhile before I edit. I’ve been writing like a fiend. I may even take a big break from the Omniverse series... Read More

The Inn at Market Snodsbury, Chapter 5 (Reggie), some notes before you read

I have put a new excerpt on Excerpts. It’s Chapter 5 of The Inn at Market Snodsbury, click here! I love chapter 5 not only because it is told from Reggie’s point of view, this book overlaps chapters from different character’s points of view, adding layers of complexity and story to the narrative, but because it has some of my favorite scenes. The excerpt is second draft, no editing. A brief synopsis of The Inn at Market Snodsbury: “Bill and Carey go on vacation to Highclere Castle, so Carey can visit her old stomping grounds and friends in England. Something... Read More

Choc-Lit asked for the manuscript for The Inn of the Star Crossed!

I am very excited. At least I know that I can write a query. So far, I have The Inn of the Crossroads out to Libby Sternberg from Istoria Books and now Liz and the Submissions Team at Choc-Lit requested The Inn of the Star Crossed. We’ll see if I have what it takes to write a romantic and chic lit novel. I know Colette, my editor, liked it and she loves romances. It’s not a typical bodice ripper but rather is a fantasy historical novel taking place in Civil War Manhattan and it does have romance. It’s told from... Read More